About Judy

JudyWelcome to my Retirement Zone Website!

If you are seeking a down to earth person to coach you and guide you to make a decision and to plan your retirement, then I may be the girl for you:-)

I am a happily retired educator….although some of my friends are inclined to laugh at me when I say I am retired….because in many ways….I am busier than ever, and loving it!!

A Bit About Me

A mother of three and a grandmother of four, my life path has been varied, and the word that describes me best as I look at my life is “resilient”.  Life has thrown me a few challenges, yet I always get up, dust myself off, and get going….sometimes a little harried and worse for wear ….but in the end, I embrace change and all it stands for….even when sometimes the things that come my way are unexpected and not what I am seeking.

The Early Years…

I grew up on a farm in small town Saskatchewan in a family with strong values and work ethic.  In hindsight, I was terribly naive when I left home at 18 and headed to Yellowknife, NWT for work.  I married young, had my children young, and by age 25 I was on my own with two sweet little boys.  Survival was the first order of business, yet over the years, I learned to take charge of my life, no matter what, and make decisions that are right for me. Hence at age 29, I left a full time job and headed to the University of BC to study Education.

The Career Years…

With kids in tow, my new husband and I lived on campus in family housing and studied together.  I completed a Bachelor of Education in Elementary Teaching, and in my final year our beautiful daughter was born. With a poor economy, no teaching jobs to be had, an attitude of flexibility and determination, I worked in various teaching positions throughout the education world including a Behavior Program,  Instruction at a Community College, Substitute Teaching and Counselling. I continued studying part time and completed a Counselling Diploma and landed a position as a High School Counsellor; this became the central part of my career for the next 20 years.

Transition Years….

In my late forties my second marriage ended.  With a 16 year old still at home, and aware of the need to eventually retire, I was concerned about how I would manage retirement later with a single income and a low pension, due to starting in my field so late in life; I was open and looking for an opportunity to improve my situation.  When I heard about a new Fitness Franchise, I jumped in.  With no capital, just a belief in the business and my ability to pull it off, I secured enough financing to open a small gym.  I hired a manager so I could maintain my school position and salary.  The business was a success!  After two years, I sold with a decent profit, making it possible to relocate to the Okanagan Valley in British Columbia a few years later. After moving to the Okanagan I worked as a Behaviour Specialist and an Elementary Counsellor for five years. Recognizing that these areas were not a fit for me, I left the education system for retirement living.

Retirement Zone Living…

With a passion for golf and skiing, I enjoy seasonal work at the local golf course and ski hill.  The work provides me a supplemental income, free access to my sports, a daily social life, and I love it!  Pressure free work after a successful career.  Perfect:-)In the meantime, I am open to opportunities to travel and enjoy a lifestyle with less regimen and routine.  I love the freedom to focus on my health, both physical, emotional and spiritual.

Credentials and Qualification for coaching you….

As a lifelong learner, I have several additional certifications to support my LifeCoach Business.  I am a Master Practitioner of NLP, a Certified Life Coach, Level 2 of Psych K, and of course a Diploma in Counselling.  Additionally, I have certificates and training in Critical Incident Response, and Solution Focused Therapy.

….and the biggest qualification of all…is my passion for living and a belief in moving forward…not hanging onto the past.  My positive and down to earth attitude has brought me through many life events….and I would love to work with you as you move into retirement, or after you are retired as you settle into your new life.