Another wonderful day…

I love waking up without an alarm…lots to do! But no alarm:-)

My little Georgie Girl (mini schnauzer) woke me about 5:45…earlier than I would plan to wake on a day off, and yet delicious also, as it brings awareness to the day, and to the choice to get up or to loll around in bed for another hour.  I chose to get up.

It was a beautiful sunny Okanagan Day.  After enjoying cleaning my home with the sunlight streaming in, breakfast with my son who is visiting from out of town, it was so sweet to go for a 5km run/walk. The sun brings everyone out.

It has been a strange year for weather.  The mountain is warmer than we would like, with spring skiing arriving a full month early.  Out of town guests seem unconcerned, since they have come from places where the mountains are barren this year.  Being a “local” I am rather picky, deciding not to go unless the conditions are of my choosing. And I have the luxury of choice:-)

Loving my life of choice.



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