Going Gray…

Highlight to blend with the gray.

Highlights to blend with the gray.

A subtle change for now as I make this transition:)

A subtle change for now as I make this transition:)

I’ve made the decision…to embrace the gray!

At 63, with my hair dyed medium to dark brown over the years, carefully covering the gray, I have often been mistaken for a much younger woman.  I will admit, it feels good to be mistaken for in my fifties or forties, so this is an experiment, and one that will be a long transition, since I will maintain fairly long hair.  And what if I don’t like it? Well, that is simple, while it will likely take more than a year to be fully “natural”, if it isn’t to my liking, I can go back to my brown hair with one simple visit to the salon:-)

I am excited about this transition! For the most part, I am very down to earth and natural, and while coloring my hair over the years, it was important to me that it “appeared” natural.  Well, my natural color now is primarily gray, from what I can tell.  And somehow I think this will suit me.  Being natural.  Accepting the gray as just a hair color, not as an indication that I am somehow now “old”.

So what does this have to do with Retirement?  Perhaps nothing.  But perhaps everything.  It’s one more step in the process of moving forward!


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