Journey into Retirement “Group Program”

JourneyJourney into Retirement Group Program

Are you ready and wanting to retire, but find yourself sitting on the fence, filled with uncertainties about what it will look like and how to take those first steps towards the life you desire.


Have you left your full time career for retirement, only to find yourself feeling lost and without direction? Wondering what it is all about?

If so, you may want to join my next “Journey into Retirement Program” .  With my support and the support of like minded group members, you will develop a clear vision of where you want to be, based on your personal values and interests as you move into retirement, or as you refine your present situation.

Over the next 24 weeks you will:

  • Get clear about what matters to you for your future
  • Examine your dreams and goals, and discover new ways to achieve them
  • Create your own personal plan for retirement fun
  • Begin the process of implementing your plan for a fun and satisfying new life!

Full Program Outline

Part 1: What does Retirement mean to You?

  • Clarify what you want and what it looks like
  • Examine what it holding you back

Part 1 includes a private coaching session with Judy to validate your values and vision and examine your personal blocks for forward movement.

Part 2: What will you do for Fun in Retirement?

  • What things have you always wanted to do but couldn’t
  • Creating your bucket list based on real dreams, goals, and priorities
  • Examining what has held you back from achieving some of these goals

Part 2 includes 1 private coaching session with Judy to examine your dreams and goals, and assist in examining past blocks to achieving them.

Part 3:  Finding your Courage and Inner Strength

  • What fears and beliefs are holding you back
  • What tools do you have at your disposal for overcoming these fears?
  • What would you do if there was nothing holding you back?

Part 3 includes 2 private coaching sessions with Judy to aid in examining fears and looking at the inner tools you already possess for overcoming fears as you move forward in your plan.

Part 4: Creating your Personalized Retirement Plan

  • Clarifying what you want
  • Making your definitive plan
  • Beginning your journey!

Part 4 includes 1 private coaching session with Judy to support you in developing your plan for retirement fun!

Part 5: Implementing your Plan

  • With goals set and plans in place, you will move ahead on your personal journey!

Part 5 includes 1 private coaching session with Judy to keep you on track with your personal journey into retirement.

What Is Included:

Private Monthly Coaching and Mentoring for 6 Months

You will get a private coaching session with Judy each month for brainstorming,  accountability, clarification of ideas and goals, planning and support. You get the support you need to make a plan and move forward into a fun filled retirement.

During your monthly sessions, Judy will work with you to:

  • Clarify your goals as they relate to your stated values and vision
  • Ensure you are putting time aside to work towards your goals
  • Help you to stay in alignment with your goals throughout the program
  • Assist you to uncover limiting beliefs and fears that may be preventing you from having the life you deserve
  • Assisting you to identify your priorities for making your move into retirement
  • Guiding you to design a workable plan for moving from “planning” for retirement, into retirement

Weekly Accountability and Other Support

You will have a weekly accountability buddy – someone who, like you, is working towards creating a fun filled retirement.

You will have ongoing email support throughout the duration of the program.

Program Delivery

I will be using the following tools to deliver the program to you:

  • Skype
  • Regular Assignments delivered through email and DropBox
  • Private Facebook Group to stay connected with myself and others in the program

You Will Love this Program if….

  • You are ready to make change in your work life
  • You are open and ready to examine your life and where you want to go
  • You want to move forward into retirement in a planned and thoughtful way, to ensure you move into your retirement phase ready for fun and excitement
  • You are already retired and have found yourself a little lost…and you are seeking direction and guidance in creating the life you thought you would have

Program Dates:

  • The next program intake will open up in February for an April start.
  • Program Date: April 6th, 2015 to September 21, 2015
  • There are only 4 spots available.


  • Monthly one on one coaching sessions for six months to keep you focused and forward moving
  • Weekly assignments and check ins via email for six months

Cost:  $249.00 Per Month














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