Bringing in the New Year…

New Year PicTonight I will bring in the New Year volunteering at my local Jazz Club, being a participant observer of the celebrations:-)  The start of a New Year is a time of renewal, renewed hoped and “resolutions”, fresh starts, and sometimes a time to leave behind what isn’t working for us.

As I reflect on my first full year and a half of retirement…there are some things that I have loved about it, and some things I will plan to adjust.  Overall, I am loving this new retirement life.  The part time jobs keep me social and happy, and yet stress free, and the time freedom in between, and the option to make daily choices is very freeing after a full lifetime of work.  I love having the time to enjoy a good book, to journal a bit, to look after my health in a more pro-active way, and to stay more connected with family and friends.  And as I move forward, I will review my Values and Vision for the future, and adjust my course in any ways that I think I should….

Will you be re-evaluating your life? What will you want to keep the same? To change?

Food for thought…



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The Shyness Quotient…

shy-bold-switch-means-choose-fear-or-courage-100246901“Life Begins at the end of your Comfort Zone”.

My good friend, coach, mentor, Leslie Dougherty, shared this quote with me after I shared with her a story of overcoming my “shyness”…and we realized that in fact…shyness is another type of “fear”…  in fact I don’t think we necessarily think of shyness as “fear”…but when I think about how I was feeling in that very “shy” moment…it really was fear!

So….if we say “courage” is doing something even though we fear it…then I guess those who are feeling “shy”…but approach people anyway…step out of their comfort zone…are very courageous!

Courage… Fear….Shyness….  What are you fearful of? Shy of?  How do you overcome your shyness and fears regularly….how do you demonstrate your shyness on a regular basis?

Are you being held back from the future you desire by fears? Shyness? Limiting beliefs?

Time for a celebration of courage…  🙂



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Sun Medicine….

Today it is cloudy in the town where I live…but beautifully sunny on the mounSS Villagetain where I work:-)  Even though it is a day off for me, and I have lots on the go, I may drive up there so I can bask in the sun!!

I have learned that for me, the sun is like a medicine…a wonderful natural drug that instills happiness deep in my soul…and sometimes I need to seek the sun to be sure I have enough…enough of this wonderful natural medicine to warm my heart….and keep me smiling…

Fall and winter in Canada is a difficult time for many Canadians because of our reduced daylight hours…I guess that is why so many become “Snowbirds” and flock to the south once they retire.  This is not something I desire to do…not for more than a week or two…because I love the four seasons!  I love the winter sports! So for me, it is learning how to live with the cloud…how to seek the sun medicine in healthy ways…

What is your healthy source of “happy” medicine? Do you make a point of seeking it out when you need it?

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Dental chair chat…

DentistSo…. I’m in the dentist chair…dental hygiene day….and the lovely young woman starts telling me about her parents….and how they have just recently retired….and guess what!?!?…they are struggling to settle in….

Of course this led to a healthy discussion (between rinses) of my retirement coaching business…and how it may have helped them to be better prepared….

Both of her parents retired in late fall…her mom  had been a government worker and her dad had worked in a mill…and they were ready!….but the first few months brought them close to a break up!…and while things are settling down for them, they are still working on finding their routine…:-) How much easier it might have been, if they had taken some time to plan and discuss how retirement may look for them. I think I may have my first referral!!


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I Can Change My Mind

Ski picToday was an interesting day…a typical but not typical day in the life of this “retiree”. And that is of course because in my new life, I haven’t yet defined “typical”…and perhaps I never will. That is the beauty of my new life…the predictable unpredictability.

Yes….the joy of making plans when it suits you…and “not” making plans… when it suits you:-)

Today I was planning to ski…however when I woke I realized that what was more pressing for me, was to take care of some of the domestic chores that I have abandoned over the past weeks…and connect with my daughter…and enjoy a day of down time. And it was delicious! Tomorrow….I will ski! My first day of the ski season and I am ready!

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Welcome to Retirement Zone Coach!

JudyRetirement is an interesting time – and it is different for each person.  All of us have a different view of retirement.  What is your idea of retirement? Do you have a plan for retirement? A vision for how your life will unfold in this new phase of life? Or maybe you aren’t even sure you are ready to retire!

Wanting to retire and not sure what your first steps are? Work with me to develop your plan.  Explore your desires and wishes, look at ways to manifest them through planning and action.


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