Taking stock…

The recent passing of Wayne Dyer has brought much reflection for many.  With the passing of someone so revered by many, it’s a time to reflect.  Especially for those of us in or near retirement.

It has been written by many of those who knew Wayne Dyer personally, that he believed the day of his death was a day to look forward to, not because of any negative beliefs…quite the contrary.  He had such deep spiritual beliefs that for him, death is a homecoming.  It is his return to spirit.

In recent years, I have taken a deeper look at my spiritual beliefs, and what is important to me.  Each of us must come to terms with our own beliefs, and how to incorporate them into our lives, and our lifestyle.  We must be true to and honour this aspect along with our health and physical needs.  It must all be in balance.

Have you discovered your life balance?  What do you need or want to change to achieve balance in your life?




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