The Shyness Quotient…

shy-bold-switch-means-choose-fear-or-courage-100246901“Life Begins at the end of your Comfort Zone”.

My good friend, coach, mentor, Leslie Dougherty, shared this quote with me after I shared with her a story of overcoming my “shyness”…and we realized that in fact…shyness is another type of “fear”…  in fact I don’t think we necessarily think of shyness as “fear”…but when I think about how I was feeling in that very “shy” moment…it really was fear!

So….if we say “courage” is doing something even though we fear it…then I guess those who are feeling “shy”…but approach people anyway…step out of their comfort zone…are very courageous!

Courage… Fear….Shyness….  What are you fearful of? Shy of?  How do you overcome your shyness and fears regularly….how do you demonstrate your shyness on a regular basis?

Are you being held back from the future you desire by fears? Shyness? Limiting beliefs?

Time for a celebration of courage…  🙂



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