Year 3 retirement thoughts….

I’m in the middle of my third year of retirement, and also my 3rd season working at Silver Star Resort part time, in Snowsports Sales.  There are times that I have questioned leaving my profession, since I now seem to work 11- 12 months per year instead of the 9-10 months per year previously.  But when I look at what I am doing now, and where my head and heart are, I know I am in the right place.

I thrive in the atmosphere of the recreation industry; I head to work every day with a smile, leave every day smiling, and sometimes even laughing.  And while there was a time in my professional career that I could have said that also, the last years it was not so.

I still continue to accomplish much, but the difference now is that it has more to do with personal achievements, and how I feel about them. Here are just a few of the things I have achieved, and I know there is much more to come!

I have discovered I am a sought after employee in many settings! While so many people of different ages struggle to find work, it seems that as a mature person with a strong work ethic, and a professional background, I am very sought after! While the wages are not huge, they have served me well enough to supplement my needs as I have built my life coach business.

I have established a Life Coach Business that is building into the retirement business I desire.  This will allow me to forego the summer jobs, and perhaps the winter job as well, if I desire.  For the time being, that is not a desire.

I have challenged myself to improve my skiing, and just recently completed my Level 1 CSIA Ski Instructors Certification. At 63 years of age, spending three days on snow with a group of 16 others whose average age was closer to 21, I am quite impressed!

I learned many years ago, that to some degree, we must live for today, because one major life change is enough to wipe out all of our dreams, and set us back at the starting line. For that reason above all, I am so happy to be retired, and making decisions regularly about how I want to spend my day, and who with.  I no longer feel trapped by bureaucracy.


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