Zen of winter…

Snowy scene 2Many Canadians head south when they retire…down to Arizona or Mexico for three to six months, and for them, this is where they find their joy.  I am not so inclined…and in retirement even less so.

While enjoying gliding down a snow covered slope yesterday, fresh snow falling on our faces and filling in our tracks on each run, I was keenly aware of feeling “alive”.  The friend I was skiing with agreed with me when I mentioned that I have no desire to miss out on winter… our fourth and often most amazing season!  Winter wonderland for sure, and yet I know that it is because I now have more time to feel the wonder of the snow without the stress of wondering how I will drive to work, that I am able to just enjoy the wonder.

After a beautiful day “playing” in the snow, I arrived home to over a foot of snow in my drive, and while shoveling, realized again how peaceful and beautiful it was.  As I came to the bottom of my driveway, I discovered that the top of the driveway now needed done again, so with a chuckle, I made another quick sweep of the drive, knowing that today it would be a full job again….and it was! Two hours later, visits with several neighbors, it is complete….for another few hours:-)

The beauty of retirement is in the little things….shoveling, skiing down a beautiful snow covered slope, or just Georgiecleaning up at home. Or today, when my doorbell rings and there is a neighbor inviting me to join her for a walk in the snow.  As I come into my own in this new stage of life, I am learning to truly enjoy being in the moment with my chores…to be grateful for my health as I become aware of every little movement and thought.  While doing these jobs, my thoughts rove back to my youth, to my early years as a young mom, and to present day.  It truly is a wonderful Zen state….and I love it:-)

Today was going to be a ski day…early morning ski in fresh tracks…home to work on projects for the afternoon…and the lovely thing about this is that while the snowfall changed my plans…the skiing will be even better tomorrow!!

Not being able to ski brought a plethora of other experiences and reminders of the spirit of humanity.  Getting stuck while trying to head to the store, I was reminded of the camaraderie that a snowfall brings as neighbors left their driveways, shovels in hand, and came to my aid! IMG_4300

I am so blessed to live in a neighborhood and a country where people still help people….where generosity of spirit still lives on…



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